There is no better place for a holiday than Zandvoort. Right in front of our camping is the beautiful wide sandy beach of Zandvoort, which is one of the cleanest in the Netherlands and has been awarded the blue flag. But Zandvoort is more than just a beach. Zandvoort is also the perfect base for a holiday wath all kinds of activities. The Tourist Information Office has an applicable catch phrase: Feel like Zandvoort.

Zandvoort village
Zandvoort’s streets are lined with a variety of shops, restaurants and bars with (covered and heated) terraces. There are many fun and different shops where you can find anything you might want. Everything from specialized jewelery shops, children’s boutiques to kite and surf shops even. Every year there are spring, summer and winter fairs, with stands snaking all through the center of town.

Fine food on the beach
Eating and having fun at the beach clubs of Zandvoort. There are 35 different beach clubs, so there is always one that suits your taste. And of course you can go to the beach for breakfast or just a cup of coffee. Enjoying your meal with a view of the sand and the waves. That is the real holiday feeling. A number of beach clubs is open all year, so you can enjoy the beach even in winter.

Kite surfing
Zandvoort is perfect for safe kite surfing. There are three places on the beach where kite surfers are officially allowed. At beach club Riche At beach club The Spot and Sea Rescue North Around the water sports club and Sea Rescue South These spots are marked with signs, that are moved with high or low tide.

Zandvoort’s beautiful countryside
Zandvoort is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, with the national park Zuid-Kennemerland on the one side and the wild dunes of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen on the other. Too few people are familiar with this unique natural area. But the upside is, that you might not meet another soul for hours when hiking or cycling. All you’ll hear are the sounds of nature. Did you know that there is a good chance you will spot a deer or fox?

Holland Casino
A surprising and unusual place to have a drink. That Zandvoort has a lively nightlife is clear when you visit Holland Casino Zandvoort. In 1976 Holland Casino Zandvoort was the first casino to open it’s doors in the Netherlands. In 2005 it was restyled from top to bottom. It is now a place where you can have a night out in luxury, comfort and with a lot of personal attention.

Circuit Park Zandvoort
You are looking out over the sea, but you can also hear the roar of racing engines. Behind the camping is the Zandvoort racetrack. You can even watch the races from our grounds! You can just taste the tension when the greats of the sport race each other.
There are big events every year, like the Masters and the DTM races.